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With over 500 monsters in the Jaeger army, most Jaegers more or less knew of each other, but they didn't exactly all know each other. And it was hardly as if they were all in one division; there was the cavalry, the infantry, the heavy artillery, the scouts, and the officers, to name a few. You knew your unit, and you knew the faces of the other monsters, and that was that.

When the Heterodynes disappeared, 20 Jaegers volunteered and were put into pairs and trios at random.

Maxim, young, chivalrous, and dashing in his high boots and sweeping cape came from the cavalry.

The amiable Ognian, who tearfully parted with his young, slightly terrified descendants, came from the infantry.

From the scouts came the world weary, long suffering Dimo, who wasn't sure what to make of his two new companions. Maybe if he gagged and hogtied them, they'd be a little less of a headache. And they'd only gotten a mile out from Mechanicsburg, too.

At least, Ognian had stopped his ridiculous, over the top blubbering. As soon as they were out of sight of the cities, it was like a switch had been flipped, and suddenly he was all serious. Of course, a second switch went off when Maxim pointed this out, and now the pair of them were walking a little ways ahead, absently chatting and laughing away like nothing was wrong. He wanted to smack them both upside the head for having such high spirits at a time like this, but at the same time, he knew the good times would be few and far in between from now on. It was better to let them enjoy themselves while they could.

He decided to scout on ahead, ducking around Maxim and Ognian before letting his nose take over. Bill and Barry knew about the Jaegers' powerful sense of smell and had covered their tracks accordingly, but Dimo wasn't fooled. Most of the other Jaegers would be looking for the Masters' scents; Dimo searched for the scent of the stinkbomb they'd used to obscure themselves.

Maxim watched him out of the corner of his eye as Dimo lead them off the road. Although to be fair, leading wasn't really the proper word for it. He wandered off in one direction, Maxim shifted to follow after him, and Oggie needed a little tug to keep him from going in the other direction. They followed because where else were they going to go? The world was large and the Masters didn't want to be found. When he first volunteered, the task of sussing them out didn't seem so unachievable. They knew Bill and Barry, they'd been with the boys since the day they were born, more or less. It should have been easy! He was going to find the Masters, bring them home, and be hailed as a hero! The Generals would praise him, and the ladies would swoon, and everything would be wonderful for forever.

But now that he was out here, with two Jaegers he didn't know, without a horse, without even a clue of which direction he should be looking,

Oggie kept up his careless tone, bumping his shoulder into Maxim now and then. He could feel the younger monster's anxiety, even if Maxim was doing his best to hide it. He had a knack for this sort of thing, and while he had his own plethora of worries and concerns about this mission, his paternal instinct insisted that easing Maxim's mind was currently more important. Words of encouragement wouldn't go over well, they were too obvious, but he could provide a distraction. Keeping Maxim's mind off the situation
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[ Project Summary ]: Personalized ATVs (+1 motorcycle) for the entire team,outfitted with encapsulation system. Vehicles purchased from a salvage yard, repaired, and customized accordingly. See below for details. In order of completion.

*Standard Equipment: Taccom, Elder Sign Decal, Weirjat, Sniffspark, GPS, Wolf Head Decal

*Erique: 8-legged Mode, DBB

*Arlene: DBB, Reinforced Plating, Lightning Rod, Battering Ram + Discharge Attachment, EMP Generator

*Allister: Sonar, Radar, Extendable Antenna, Satellite Feed, WiFi Hot Spot, External Harddrive, all discretely hidden with no visible moniters


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